Proudly sourced & made in the USA

Custom Felt & Straw Hat Services


Quality Hat Shaping

We offer high quality hat shaping for your felt & straw hats. Our years of experience in shaping cowboy hats, derbies & homburgs will make sure you have the finishing touch needed for your winning look, no matter what you ride!

Need your hat stretched? Not to worry, we can do that, too!

We also offer after care supplies to make sure your hat stays sharp!


We offer the following:

Cleaning & shaping of felt hats

Cleaning & shaping of straw hats

Rehabilitation of abused hats

Customized shaping 

We're Where You Are!

We offer pickup & delivery services

We can come to you, your barn, or show!


How long have you been shaping hats?  Since 1999

Can you fix my hat that's warped? In most cases, yes. We can assess & advise after consulting with you about your plans to continue using the hat

How do you know what shape I'll need? With many years experience in & out of the show pen, we're up to trend on what you'll need.

How long does it take? In most cases, hats can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Special circumstances may require more attention.

Will you do groups or come to my barn? How about shows? In most cases, yes! We're happy to work with you & your group to get great quality shaping in one fell swoop!